Making Sense of Home Improvement With Home Efficiency

Many home owners in Orlando and across the US frequently wonder to themselves: “What’s the best thing that I can do for my home as far as home improvement is concerned?” The question can be particularly nagging in a household that has considerable and recurring problems, both of a functional as well as a cosmetic nature. Many people will inevitably give into the temptation to simply address the cosmetic problems besetting their homes, treating such improvement projects as an end in and of themselves. Here, we would like to argue that this is both a mistaken approach and an unnecessary way to see the problems that arise in a given home-in any home, really. First of all, what home owners here in Orlando need to understand is that their central focus should always be efficiency, efficiency and more efficiency; secondly, they should understand that through following this approach they will still have ample opportunity to achieve the “prettiness” that they aspire to for their property.

Surely efficiency should never come at the cost of effectiveness when dealing with significant home improvement projects: that would simply defeat the purpose. Efficient improvement solutions for your home will hardly ever imply such a trade-off, however, so don’t look at the issue in that way. In fact, efficiency and effectiveness almost always go hand-in-hand when fixing up problems with your home. Consider the issue of insulation, for example: the most effective insulation solutions for a house are invariably going to be the ones that make the heating and cooling systems operate on a much more efficient basis. A perfect example of this can be seen in window replacement, an improvement project that more and more experts are recommending folks get done.

Replacing old windows eliminates drafts in a home in a way that few other projects will accomplish, and that will translate directly into greater efficiency in the heating/cooling systems. Furthermore (and as we indicated before regarding aesthetic concerns), this is a project that provides the opportunity to beautify a house significantly-just think about what a few new windows on the street-side of the house will do for its overall appeal and, as a consequence, its potential market value! The same notion applies for other efficiency-augmenting projects, such as replacing a home’s siding materials. These materials also play a direct role in the degree of insulation a home is able to achieve, and they clearly have a major impact on the pleasant (or unfortunate) effect that the house has on the eyes-whether those are the eyes of the home owner or the eyes of a potential buyer. The idea can be iterated and reiterated through various examples, but we think the point has been made clearly enough already.

In short, what home owners need to understand regarding home improvement is that efficiency ought to be their number-one priority; if not for their own sake (though that is a major prerogative) then for the sake of the global environment, which desperately needs households to consume less of its resources each and every day.

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